Statement of Faith


We believe Bible is word of GOD and not any historical book. The Bible is comprised of 66 books with Old Testament and New Testament. God almighty has revealed to his prophets from generations of his chosen ones.  Holy Spirit has perfectly guided his servants to write precisely what He wanted to be written, without error or omission.


We believe in one GOD appearing in three forms before the foundation of the world. We believe GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Holy Spirit.  In short, we believe that Son is father; Father is son and also both are the same Holy Spirit. He is same GOD, but he is appeared in three forms. He can appear in five forms or tens form or more forms. He is GOD so he can appear in many forms. Nothing is impossible with GOD. All three forms of GOD are in personality and working independent of each other.

We believe God in the form of Holy spirit guides us; We believe GOD in form of Son saves us and we believe in GOD the father in whom we should submit.


We believe salvation as gift from GOD through faith of Jesus Christ. We do not believe salvation can be achieved by work of Man. We believe salvation is achieved by grace and faith of GOD.


We believe in eternal church of GOD and not in corporate church organization. We believe that all true believer from all tribes of this world whom GOD has chosen to be his children are all member of eternal church of Jesus Christ.


Human being is created in image of GOD means he was born as divine; Since God himself is divine i.e. in likeness of GOD or in mirror image of GOD. Due to sin of men, we are away from GOD.