Baptism: Washing away of our sins

As a Christian, you may know about baptism, baptism is washing away of our sins. But how much is it true? Should we believe that water baptism washes our sins? No, no not at all. Baptism by water does not wash our sins; it may wash some dirt on our head and nothing else. You may have listened to a sermon on baptism in your local church by pastors saying that water baptism will wash your sins.  Remember baptism by Holy Spirit and fire will wash our sins. Only GOD can forgive our sins. If your sins are forgiven by GOD means your sins are washed. It means you are now baptized. Just taking water baptism in church does not guarantee that your sins are forgiven. Beware of false teachers and pastors claiming that water baptism will wash your sins if you have faith.

In the gospel, we come across John the Baptist, the last prophet of Old Testament; he did baptize people with water and asked them to repeat from the sins. But he never gave any assurance that the water baptism will wash away their sins.  He instead said that a person coming after him will give baptism by Holy Spirit. In Matt 3: 11-17, we see when John the Baptist was giving baptism by water, suddenly heaven open and Holy Spirit came upon Jesus. Holy Spirit came upon Jesus means what actually has happened is that GOD came to Jesus; GOD in spirit form came to Jesus the human form of GOD.  The event which occurred at that time shows us the spiritual meaning, that when we are baptized by Holy Spirit, it means God in spirit form will dwell in our body. This is because we human body is the temple of GOD, and GOD has commanded his chosen people to keep temple(Body) as holy because God is coming to dwell in our body as the temple of GOD.

When will GOD come to dwell in our body? GOD will come to dwell in our body when our sins are forgiven and we became a child of GOD.  And when do our sins are forgiven? Our sins are forgiven when we pray to GOD that GOD has mercy on us. It is the will of GOD that our sins are forgiven, when our sins are forgiven we are baptized at that moment! So amazing.

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